Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pediatrician Appointment

Today Sweet Pea had what is probably her 20th pediatrician appointment in her short 9 1/2 month life. The ear infection that we had ended treatment for on Sunday either never completely disappeared or another one is just about to get started. I think the terms she used were dull and red which I think meant that it wasn't a full infection yet, but her ears weren't clear either. That means we start another type of antibiotic and do that daily for 5 days in hopes of it completely clearing.

Since Sweet Pea is still a little congested and her cold is gone, the doc is worried that citric acid might be causing some of it and adding to the reflux. Her solid food intake has decreased in the past couple of weeks and Sweet Pea sees the food, gets really excited, but then only takes a couple of bites and starts turning her head and pushing away. Doc thinks that this could be because it hurts Sweet Pea to swallow the food. The thought of that makes me want to cry! Poor little princess! So, we are supposed to stop feeding her store bought fruits and do only fresh bananas, pears, apples and grapes. We can do the bananas, pears and apples, but the grapes are going to be an interesting task. She can't do the skins so either mommy has a lot of peeling to do (never going to happen) or maybe Sweet Pea can try mashed grapes through a strainer? We have to increase her liquid intake also so making juice out of the fruit would be helpful since she doesn't drink enough water to count. Spoiled little princess I know!

Daddy and I are frustrated at how many possible food allergies she might have and how there is no definitive way of knowing. The reflux has good and bad days so it makes it very hard to tell what is causing it. Also, she seems to be refluxing sometimes but not spitting up so we don't even know it is occurring all the time. Oh well, just another battle that we will continue to fight.

Let's hope we can get this congestion figured out quickly as we really don't want to have to reschedule her MRI yet again. This is our 3rd attempt!


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