Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bath Time

Last night was a good night in mommy land. I had the best time giving Sweet Pea a bath! We often give her a bath in the little infant tub since she still fits in it and it's pretty darn easy that way. Well, last night I decided to put her into the regular tub without the safety seat because I was really hoping that she would start to splash soon. I always read about how kids love their baths and Sweet Pea seems happy during them, but not really having much fun. That just didn't seem right! So into the big tub she went and it didn't take her very long to figure out how to make some big splashes and she was having the time of her life! I'm not sure who was having more fun as I was laughing and smiling from ear to ear too! She is definitely going to be taking most, if not all, of her baths in the real tub now.

Oh, and apparently 16lbs isn't enough to keep her from floating away. I kept having to bring her back to my side of the tub so I could reach her in case she started falling over and before I knew it she was floating back the other way again. She didn't mind as long as she could keep splashing though!

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