Saturday, January 23, 2010

My happiness on a Saturday morning

So my morning started blissfully by my husband getting up at 5:30 with Sweet Pea and letting me sleep until 8am! Now that is a great man! But my morning has only gotten better from there...

Sweet Pea has blown me away recently! I wrote yesterday about some of the progress she has been making in the PT realm, but I left out 2 things because they seemed like they might have been just flukes. But this morning she has done them again so I'm thinking they are just newly emerging skills and not flukes. So now you are asking, "what is she doing"?

Scooting backwards! She lies on her stomach with her arms pushing her torso up and then brings her legs under her bum and scoots a few inches backwards! Daddy has seen her do this a few times, but this morning was the first time that I had seen her do it multiple times in a short period of time. Between her rolling around the nursery (getting covered in doggy fur) she would try the scooting. It was so cute! We are still a long way from actually crawling, but I love the first signs that she is thinking about it.

Getting from sitting to laying! She had done this a couple times in the past, but by leaning forward and going into the splits and then continuing through to bring the legs to the back. I know...the rest of us say OUCH to the thought of that. Obviously that way is not the proper way and is only possible because of her loose ligaments. So we have been working with her to try to show her how to lean to the side on her arms and then bend her knees and turn the outside leg out and slowly let herself down. Last night she did it for us, but I really thought it was just a fluke. So when she did it again this morning I almost started crying I was so happy!!!!

These are two exciting milestones for us and we are really trying to enjoy these little successes as we know that they are slow coming. I've read it so many times, but it really seems to be true...Sweet Pea is going to take longer to reach many milestones, but that allows us to enjoy each and every stage more as they don't fly by quite as fast as they would for typical kids. It's one of the silver linings of this journey.

Thanks for letting me share my happiness on a beautiful sunny day in Southern California!

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