Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Pea's First Haircut

We have been talking about getting Sweet Pea's hair cut for a while now because let's face it...she has a mullet!  She isn't a hockey player from the 80's so it really wasn't appropriate.  We bit the bullet and went on Saturday before her Cousin C's 4th birthday party.

She has such a small amount of hair that I wasn't sure what they would do.  Turns out that they didn't do much!  They took about an inch and a half off the back and trimmed the sides where it was a little ragged.  I was also nervous about how she would do during the hair cut, but she was perfect!  A charmer through the whole thing...surprise surprise!  Of course she would love being pampered!

All strapped in and about to get started:

What is this lady doing?  Should I allow it?

Ooh...a comb!

I am enjoying this!

Look at me sitting so still!

Aren't I pretty?

Ooh...a water bottle!

End result:


  1. Cute, wow she was super good for a first haircut! Hope life with 2 is going well.

  2. Very cute! Glad she did so well. Luc panics the whole time, not fun!

  3. Sweet Pea is a ROCKSTAR!! love the haircut! she did amazing with the cut! she is ready for a full SPA DAY with mom!! smiles

  4. So she has a shorter mullet now? It's a super cute one, though! xo

  5. Love the pictures!! So so so cute!! :)

  6. I really need to get Claire's hair cut, but I just hate to do it, so I've been putting it off...besides, I can't imagine her sitting still at all!