Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Pea Walking Update

I knew that learning to walk for Sweet Pea would be a very slow process and she hasn't disappointed us.  However, she is making huge strides and is enjoying her successes and we couldn't be more proud of her for them!

Sweet Pea refused to walk one handed for Mommy and really didn't want to do it for anyone for more than a few feet.  Auntie J worked on it a couple of days and viola...we have a one handed walker...even for Mommy!  She was actually doing laps around the inside of Auntie J's house!  Here is a quick video we captured:

I've been trying to have her walk everywhere I can to help her gain strength and endurance.  Grandma has been working with her a ton this week as she has been baby sitting Sweet Pea all week because she has been too sick for school or day care.  I am trying to avoid getting Angel sick, but I think we have failed as Angel's nose is starting to be congested.  I am hoping she only gets a mild version of what Sweet Pea has as it is nasty!  Her eyes are sealed shut when she wakes up from naps or overnight from all the eye gunk.  Poor girl!  We took her to the doctor today and they gave us antibiotics and ear drops for an ear infection and they think that the rest of it is just a virus that needs to run its course.

Back to Sweet Pea's walking...

As I mentioned, Grandma has been working with her a lot and has discovered that Sweet Pea really enjoys practicing outside in the grass where the inevitable falls don't hurt nearly as badly.  Grandma will stand her up and then move away and Sweet Pea will walk to her.  In the video below you will see her take 7 steps before starting to fall. Today she was taking 10 before falling, but of course she refused to do it on camera!

Sometimes she will stop and catch her balance before she continues which is great!  She really is working hard and loving almost every minute of it.  She needs to work on protecting herself when she falls a little more, but she will get there.

Daddy learned that she doesn't like to walk for him as she would rather dive into him.  He is her play toy and that is just fine with us too.

We are still hoping to get her walking more independent by her 2nd birthday which is about 1.5 months away.  I'm fairly sure we will not have a full time walker on our hands by her 2nd birthday, but at this rate she will definitely be closer!


  1. Woohoo!!! We are right there with ya - except Max won't walk holding our hands. Our PT thinks Max will be walking by 2 (March 31st), but I'm not holding my breath :)

  2. Do not under estimate that little Sweet Pea of yours.......I am sure that she will!!!! Look at her go in these videos......this is fabulous!!!! We didn't think Landon would be walking either....and GUESS WHAT?......he IS (right before his 2nd bday too,!! And we just know that his little sweetheart will too!!! Landon was a little stinker too, it forever to catch him on video.......but once we did......he is a walking machine!! Go Sweet Pea GO!!!!

    Sorry to hear that your little Angel isn't feeling well:( Praying that this virus will pass soon!!!