Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Pea and her Play Structure

Let me start by saying that I'm a very ridiculous mommy!  I'll explain after you watch this video clip of Sweet Pea playing on her "new" play structure.

Now let me explain why I'm so ridiculous...

You see how Sweet Pea pulled herself up on the structure?  She has learned to climb!  I was SO proud of her for learning this!

Then reality hit!  Last night she showed us just a tiny glimpse of what chaos is about to ensue because of her new skill!  She was trying to climb up her changing table and onto the rocker foot rest.  I see lots of injuries happening because she either falls trying to get up onto something or she falls after she is up there.  Seeing as Mommy is now more distracted than ever before, this is not the best timing!

In all seriousness, I am very proud of her even with the chaos that it will bring.  She is working so hard and it's great to see her making such great progress!

On the walking front...she is continuing to make great progress!  She is now standing up in the middle of a room and walking to a toy that is a short bit away.  I'm surprised that she is doing this since crawling is so easy for her, but it must mean that she is really enjoying her new skill.  She will even push me away so that she can walk a few feet to me.  At this rate I'm optimistic that she will be walking by her 2nd birthday!


  1. YAY Sweet Pea! (And hang in there Mom!) Big Smiles to you :)

  2. I never thougt I would be the type of mom that let her kids jump on the furniture but we found that anything goes when we were working on the skill with Lucy. Now that it's mastered it's hard to stop. Chaos is right.

  3. I thought for sure she was going to slide down on her tummy! She is a great climber and that slide is awesome! So glad to hear she is loving independent walking. Go Sweet Pea! I bet she'll be walking by her second Birthday too!

  4. yeah for is amzing what they want to climb!! and see as a climbing structure! her walking progress is wonderful! way to go Sweet Pea! smiles

  5. OMG how much would Owen LOVE to move like that, it so great to see Sweet Pea climbing like that - I still think of him as a baby!! Good luck with the 2 under 2 gig, it will go buy quickly !

  6. She IS walking!!! And that's awesome climbing! (and also, boys and girls, so different!! tyler would have dove off that slide head first! good for her!)