Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our Own Ball Pit

I bought these balls at a garage sale this past weekend.  I washed them in the shower and they have been drying in the laundry basket for the past couple of days.  This morning I decided to see what Sweet Pea thought of them...I think she is happy about the purchase...

She may have enjoyed playing in them, but I think she enjoyed throwing them all over the place even more...

I think I'm going to get the extra Pack n Play from my mom and put these balls in it and then put the net on it.  The net is to typically used to keep bugs out, but I think another good use would be keeping the balls in!


  1. Ella is sitting on my lap right now and when she saw these pics, she said "what"s that" and "ball" I guess I should have her look at more of your pictures so she can work on her word usage. Great idea about the ball pit in the playpen!!

  2. How fun. She will enjoy a ball pit for a long time.