Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy Day

Sweet Pea has only been home for 90 minutes, but she has shown me a number of new tricks this evening.
  1. Sweet Pea had a new tooth break through!  Her top left tooth finally broke through and it looks like it might be another that is regularly shaped too!
  2. Sweet Pea has been doing a little bit of actual crawling for a week or so now, but by a little I mean she takes one or two very slow motions in the quadruped position forward.  I guess even that is an overstatement because most of the time her right leg was straight and only her left knee was bent on the ground.  But it was becoming very common for her to move a foot forward to get something close in this position.  Anything farther than 1-2 feet was achieved by her fully developed fast army crawl.  The true crawling was what I was considering an emerging skill.  Tonight however, she showed me at least 3 different times that she may not be crawling...ever.  It appears that she has decided that she wants to be a bear instead and crawl up on her hands and feet.  She did one crawling motion in the quadruped position and then popped up on her feet and went a couple more motions.  I'm guessing the PT won't be thrilled about this new development, but it is what it is.  I'm just glad that she is deciding that it is worth the effort to move!  After being content to sit there for hours on end (with a fair amount of whining too) for months and months and months...this is great!
  3. I left the phone on the floor and next thing I hear is her daddy's voice on the other line.  It was his voicemail so she left her first voicemail.  I thought that it was his cell phone, but when he got home and didn't have a message I realized that it was probably his work line so he will have a cute message to start his day on Monday.
  4. During dinner Sweet Pea showed that she is related to her monkey cousins.  A quick bit of back story...Sweet Pea has not been happy eating dinner (or most meals) recently and so in our attempts to have her be willing to eat anything, we have allowed her to not be strapped in because it meant that she would eat a little more.  She loves to stand up in her chair and since we don't leave her, we let her do it and tell her to sit down and she normally listens to us.  She enjoys the ability to stand up, even if it is just for a second.  Being strapped in doesn't allow this and she gets so mad about it.  So, tonight she was sitting in her chair and wanted to reach something that was on the table next to her.  It was out of her reach even when she was standing so this little monkey decided to put her leg up onto the tray of her high chair!  I think my time of allowing her to be unstrapped has come to an end!  She did this new trick at least 2 different times and I quickly got her back into the seat, but each time my heart skipped a beat.
  5. We have one of those ball popper toys that the balls shoot out of and are supposed to go back down this slide and into the machine again.  Ours just got new batteries so the balls go flying across the room more often than they stay in the slide.  She used to just laugh at them, but tonight she kept taking off charging after the stray balls and throwing them back at me.  I loved it!
She is changing so much these days.  She went through a period of no change and now is a period of quite rapid change.  Daddy and I are both extremely proud of our little girl!


  1. Wow, my mind is spinning from all that new stuff. She must keep you on your toes!!

  2. First,I cannot believe the pictures of the scan.What a trooper!

    Second,all her tricks,wow!So,so fun,isn't it when you can actually see their little brains and bodies, under going a grow spurt?Amazing!

  3. its funny how fast they change.Way to go sweet pea

  4. this is great!! I miss you guys so much! Give Sweet Pea a big kiss and hug for me :)

  5. Our ball popper has lots of extra gusto too - LOL! I have to keep it under a chair so the balls that pop up high bump on the underside of the chair and fall back into the slide. Of course, then The Skink takes them all out and throws them under the couch anyway. Kudos to Sweet Pea for making such great progress!!