Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun with Sweet Ella Grace!

I guys are all jealous again...but I have now gotten to hang out with Ella and her mommy Denise now twice and this time Sweet Pea was able to join us!  She finished her 3rd round of chemo while I was there so they are almost halfway done now and Ella is doing amazing.  She is such a joy to be around!  I took a ton of pictures in hopes that a few of them would be cute of both of them, but those little stinkers wouldn't both look cute at the same time for anything!  I did end up with a lot of cute pictures, but not the drop dead adorable ones that each gives individually.  Oh well...

Warning...picture overload...and I have no idea why all the comments are from Ella's perspective.  I think she just shows a lot more emotion on her face and was definitely the one calling the shots between the two of them.

Who is this little girl invading my room?

Oh no!  She is moving towards me now!  Mommy, this is not cool!

If she is going to be in my room I better check her out a little:

Sweet Pea isn't so bad after all!

Want to play with my ball?

Sweet Pea is starting to cramp my style...can I move farther away without really moving?

Silly little baby, it's not that crazy when you only hold on with one hand.  See, I can do it.

See, this is how you do it.  Look a little more confident and you will fool them all.

You don't listen very well!  If you are going to cry you are going to have to leave my crib!

Mommy, I'm being very nice by letting her stay, but I am warning her, if she pulls that again...

I'll just hang out in the back and let the crazy baby do her thing.  I'm cool enough to handle it.

Sweet Pea is quite cute.  Maybe I'll give her another chance to be my friend.

Aren't we studious little ladies?

This baby is never going to learn to read a hold the book straight and read it...simple as that

I give up...

What a good book stand you make Sweet Pea!

See, this is how you read it.  Finally you got it!  My job is done.

We hope to visit them again sometime soon!  Thanks for letting us invade your room and helping to make a complete mess of the place!  We pray that this round and the next 3 continue to go smoothly!!!!


  1. We LOVED having you guys visit and can't wait for you to come again. It really was cute to watch them together. You had me cracking up with the comments you put by each picture. Thanks for emailing me all of the pics. I had no idea that you took so many. You got some really cute ones. Thanks again for visiting and for the Subway!! Did you get the text I sent you last night???

  2. Oh I miss my sweet Ella and her scrunchy nose face! November can't come fast enough!

  3. Absolutely precious those two!Both in green and both with the same hair color and both with those cute little cheeks you just want to squeeze!

    So glad you were able to go down again.I know Denise loves the company!

  4. Oh my sweet hallelujah. Look at you little green peas in the pod. Color-coordinated and everything. And, oh, the "you don't listen very well" shot is my absolute FAVORITE. delicious little vegetables.

  5. Jealous again.

    what a great trip and what cuties too

  6. I love it. They look like they had fun.

  7. lol! cute pics. our thoughts and prayers are with ella and her family.

  8. How sweet! :) I had a fun visit with Ella last week too. I need to get those pictures posted!

  9. Yep we are jealous, Oh those two are delicious! Laughing at all the commentary, so funny!

  10. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this post! I laughed several times at both there expressions. They are so adorable!!