Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun at the Pool

We went to our annual family swim party on Saturday and everyone had a good time.  Seems that I just can't keep my sunhat off Sweet Pea.  She wants to wear it and I find it adorable since it is bigger than she is.

The cousins are definitely dare devils and their dad is their launching canon:

The big news of the day...Sweet Pea finally went into a cold pool!  It wasn't as cold as we were expecting, but it wasn't the warm 80+ degrees that our wonderful indoor kiddie pool in town is.  Sweet Pea has pitched an absolute fit every time we even think about putting her into water that isn't warm.  Her toes touch and that is the end of it.  She turns into us and starts trying to climb her way up our bodies to escape.

Yesterday, we were expecting the same old routine.  Try to put her in and get nowhere.  Luckily, she has been wanting to prove us wrong as often as possible recently.  Her cousins were there so I was hoping that they could show her that it was fun and get her over the hurdle.  I am giving them the credit for this positive experience...mainly the older one since the younger one was sunbathing trying to warm up (not a good sign, I know).

I go into the water with her and sit on first little step with her on my lap.  All seems well.  Her feet are actually in the water and she isn't freaking out.  Grandma keeps her distracted as I get her deeper and deeper in the water and she isn't minding at all!  She is actually having a good time!  Yippee!!!!

Her older cousin comes over to check on her and reassure her that the pool is the place to be.  He is a serious fish and has spent a good portion of the summer...make that his the water.  He is just the ticket for getting her to have fun!

Time for daddy to blow up the baby float and see how she reacts to it. 

The only issue seemed to be that she wasn't able to sit back in the float and so she would end up with her mouth under water if we weren't careful.  I don't know if her huge belly was causing her body to float stomach down or what, but she didn't seem to mind.

Looks like we will be needing to head to the pools a lot more often before they close for the season.


  1. The lady bug pool toy is perfect! I need one of those for skye, maybe she would actually go in the pool.
    Hope all is well!

  2. What a cute 'floatie'. Max hated the pool last year, but loves them this year!

  3. Great job Sweet Pea!!! Love the pics!! Maybe soon, you too, will have a little fish:)

  4. that 2nd to last picture is fantastic! She looks so darn happy! :-)

  5. Great pics. Looks like lots of fun! :)