Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update from week of doctors

This week Sweet Pea had visits with three of her doctors.  Don't worry, two of them were just regular follow ups.

We started the week off with an early morning visit to the ophthalmologist.  She was happy to see Sweet Pea's eyes were working together well with the glasses on.  She didn't even look at her without them.  She wants to see us again in September so I guess that is a good thing.  This lady rushes us in and out of there so fast it is very disconcerting sometimes.  Oh well...all is well and we should be happy.

From there Daddy proceeded to take Sweet Pea to the ENT for a re-check after her recent cold.  She got the all clear!  No infection or fluid!  We were/are thrilled!!!!  She has been pulling at her ears a lot recently so we had convinced ourselves that she had another infection.  The doc says that many kids pull at their ears when they are teething so maybe that is it.  Who knows...but I'm just happy we didn't have to make the decision to do antibiotics or not.  We were getting worried that we had been giving her too many in the past 5 months and didn't want to give her more.  Avoided that decision for a little while longer!  We are going to schedule a hearing test and also investigate getting molded ear plugs so we have them when we need them.

Two days off from doctors and then we went to the GI today.  A few weeks ago during the EGD they had done a biopsy of her stomach lining to see if there was any damage being done by the reflux or the constant stream of antacid.  The best news here was that the biopsy came back negative!  He also gave us the go ahead to bring back other fruits except true citrus (orange, lemon, lime, etc) and soy!  I need to find some good tofu recipes because I think that would be a texture that she could handle.  She weighed 8.09kg with her clothes on (disposable diaper) which I believe equates to 17lbs 13ozs so apparently the all cheese diet is working for her.  He recommended that we continue to mix the dairy products with veggies and try to slowly increase the proportion of veggie to dairy.  He confirmed what our pediatrician had told us about her thyroid test being ok, the T4 was 11.8 mcg/dL and the TSH was 5.1 uIU/mL.  I guess having the TSH over 5 isn't a good thing, but since the T4 was an ok number they weren't concerned about it.  Makes me just want to keep a close eye on it in the future, not that I have a clue if that is necessary.

He was a little concerned (as we have been) about the coughing during feedings and wants us to meet with a feeding specialist to determine if there is an issue.  He is putting in the referral so it will probably take a few weeks for us to even get the call to schedule that.  He mentioned something called microaspiration, but I can't find much online about it.  If anyone knows about microaspiration I would love to hear about it.  I am trying very hard not to worry about it until we are told there is something to worry about, but I would still like to have a basic understanding.

Enough about the doctors...Sweet Pea had a good week outside of them.  She is finally back to her happy self and is showing everyone with lots of smiles and waves.  Her desire to army crawl is still minimal, but it seems to be ever so slowly increasing and that makes me happy.  I work with her on it every chance I can and it is fun to just get down and play with her and make her want to come to me.  I can't wait for the day that I leave the room and next thing I know I turn around and she is right there again!  I know that I am going to bite my tongue because it means chaos will ensue, but I'll still be happy.

Here are some pictures from her OT session on Wednesday.  This is the one that we go to an actual therapy place and so we get to use all their equipment.  In the past we have spent our time upstairs focusing on oral motor mainly, but I think we are going to be starting to spend the first half of the session in the downstairs play area and I'm looking forward to it.  They have so many fun things to explore and I just know that Sweet Pea will enjoy it.  So far we explored the ball pit while sitting on a "surfboard" (aka a carpet sample), the swing and a very big exercise ball.

And this is Sweet Pea in her doorway jumper that I believe is the reason she is starting to put weight on her legs.

Here are a couple of videos:
Sweet Pea likes to treat her water bottle as if she were attacking it...this doesn't do her attack justice, but you get the picture.  The beginning part is the attack, then she decides she would rather just keep her mommy busy.

This is her playing with bubble wrap with daddy.  He was doing some sensory work with her...aka fun with different textures and she was fascinated with the bubble wrap.

I hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. Oh she is so cute! Glad everything went well with your doctors visits. I don't have any experience with aspiration but Lucas sounds very gurgley after he drinks and my OT is a little concerned about it. I had been reading on some other blogs that at a year a swallow study should be done but our doctor never said anything to us?

  2. I love the excitement panting, to cute! Her outfit is really cute too. Miss you guys!

  3. william started putting weight on his legs when I put him in his jumper as a baby too, I think it helped but the PT did not recommend it, oh well

  4. I love her sweet face and her playing with bubble wrap is PRICELESS. All her Dr. appointments sound like they went well. I'm glad there's no damage to the stomach.

  5. Great news from the doctors! and about adding more foods! you know, tyler always has coughed with juice and it bothers me but no body else seems concerned. food could be another thing, but you are right, don't worry until the doctor says otherwise (i know that doesn't mean much to Doug :P ) but i would follow their lead. Tyler has to get an endoscopy. Has Ellen had one? i'm a little nervous about it but I know he'll be fine.
    i love the took Tyler a long time to close those darn things so good for her! and the water bottle attack was great! and throwing off so familiar! hehe that's great that she is looking over to find it...she gets that. and the panting at the packaging is adorable!
    see ya bright and early!!