Friday, April 16, 2010

New Skill!

Look what Sweet Pea showed us she could do today! Sorry for the poor quality, I was standing far away with the camera zoomed in so that I didn't distract her and the point and shoot camera's video doesn't work so well zoomed in.

The gal with her is our wonderful Infant Stimulation gal. Sweet Pea really likes her and shows off new skills to her quite often.

This happened shortly before we had her 1 year IFSP review. Turns out that our prior goals weren't as insane as they first appeared. We had only been given the rough draft that didn't have the sub goals broken out on it. We now know to make sure that we get the final version! We have asked for a speech evaluation so the speech person is supposed to call us on Tuesday and will likely try to get out of doing it. Speech is so important to us and it is frustrating that in CA (at least Southern California) they don't offer speech until 17 mths at a minimum. There are a lot of us trying to fight the system right now, but it really feels like a losing battle. The good news from the meeting was that they approved funding for the conference tomorrow so that is $150 that we saved! And no change in our services since we already are getting PT twice a week, OT twice a week and infant stim once a week.

Thank you to those that posted comments about good goals! I feel much better about what will be on the new IFSP than what was on our version of the original!


  1. Awwww, yeah for Sweet Pea!!! Isn't it great when they do this? What a gal!
    And yes, as you said, I hope I will catch Hunter in the act soon! And then I can post it on the blog too! I hear you on the frustration with some places standards 17 mnths? Yikes, well - hopefully it isn't in stone, and you can get it done sooner. Who knows?

  2. hey what a great video. I love when she gives a little smirk. super cute. Our insurance doesn't cover speech until kiddos w/ DS are 18 months either. I weasled a speech path in under the umbrella of feeding therapy. You could always say she has trouble eating and go that route...

  3. You have been nominated for a Happy Award...

  4. I want that toy for Max! Can you tell me what it is??

    Also - can you put your name on the list to meet with Amy Johnson? She is our speech therapist and we see her on a consultation basis and she gives us great tools to use with Max.

    If you want her info let me know. She is the best in our area.