Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday!

It doesn't really count when I put the words in a video does it?  ;-)

Please ignore the proud mommy cheering in the background. Until today Sweet Pea would cheer when she got up. Apparently once she could do it without help she didn't think it was worth cheering for. This evening is her first time really doing this and she did it over and over and over again in the 20 minutes we were playing. Apparently once she gets something, she really gets it!

Also, Sweet Pea army crawled to greet me at daycare today!  She has never done that before!  I was so very proud of her!!!!  I've always watched longingly at the parents who are nearly knocked over by the running hug that their kids give them.  This was my very own slow motion version of it and I loved every second!!!!  There really are benefits to raising a child in slow motion!

An hour early, but happy 13 month birthday Sweet Pea!  We love you!!!!!


  1. That is so awesome!!!!! We are working hard on that right now, too, so we know what a big accomplishment it is :)
    We have yet to see any army crawl here though.

  2. Yay, Sweet Pea! That was awesome!

  3. great job!!! thanks again for keeping up this blog. we love staying up to date with sweet pea's life (and mommy's and daddy's)!

  4. That is SO great!! What a wonderful job she is doing! So proud of her, and you guys for working so hard with her.
    I just LOVE that she came to you at NEVER gets old! <3
    We should have a playdate some day after basketball...let me know!

  5. Oh she did do it! And with such flair!!! You go girlie!

  6. HOORAY!!!!!! That was so fun to watch! She is determined and doing great! Can't wait to set up a time to meet you all. Let's try for a playdate soon!!