Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catch up

Sorry for being out of communication for the past week or so.  Not much to share and even less time to share it!

Sweet Pea started to get sick on Sunday...luckily it was the day after her party!  We had family over for Easter and it was a very nice day.  On Monday she got sent home from daycare and only made it back there on Friday...and only for a few hours because they sent her home again because she wouldn't stop crying. They said she probably wasn't completely healthy yet, but she was just fine when we brought her home so who knows.  I really hope she doesn't try that trick again tomorrow, but if she does we aren't picking her up!  I never thought I would be happy to have Daddy unemployed, but when Sweet Pea is sick and Grandma is out of town, it is actually a very good thing!  Her fever wavered between 99 and 104 for the first couple of days and she again wouldn't eat.  We started her on some cottage cheese (3/29) and cream cheese (4/3 birthday cake frosting) and now yogurt (4/10) and those seem to be the only things that she will eat now!  We bring them out and she gets so excited!  The downside is that since we aren't sure how dairy will react with her we are trying to do small portions.  We are trying to mix them with anything that we can (much to daddy's disgust) in hopes that she will eat more.  It's an ongoing battle and so far we are on the losing end.  We have also gone back to bottles in hopes that she will eat more because it is easier.  Not really making much of a difference, but at this point every extra ounce counts.  We meet with the GI on Thursday so we will see what he says.

On a happier front, Sweet Pea has learned a couple of new tricks...1) She gives kisses!  Wet, slobbery, tongue included kisses!  We kiss her on the cheeks and make the kissy sound and now she gives us kisses back when we ask for one!  It's very cute!  She started this on Monday and would just give you one if you put your face right up to her cheek.  By Wednesday she would lean over to give you one!  2) We are trying to not allow her to have more food if she still has food in her mouth so I stole a trick that my sister used with her boys..."Mouth Check".  You say mouth check and she is supposed to open her mouth.  We have been practicing this only a couple of days and she is already getting it!  I'm so proud of her!

We are still working on her army crawling and since she doesn't want to move on her own, we are working hard to motivate her.  We are using anything we can think of.  If we are going to give her a bottle then we make her crawl a foot or two to get to it.  We put her down a couple of feet from her toys.  We move her favorite toys after she has played with them for a few minutes so she has to move to get them.  Basically just don't make anything easy for her.  Alright, so we still find ourselves forgetting to do this a lot, but we are working on it.  She is definitely getting faster and we will just keep working on it.

Another area that we are working on is getting her to kneel and also put weight on her legs.  She is getting better at both of these.  We haven't used the doorway jumper more than 4 times since we got it, but I really think that is what got her bouncing.  She isn't bouncing a lot, but if we hold her on my lap she will bounce a bit.  It's a start and we have a long way to go, but I'm excited that she is even starting!  We aren't trying to get her walking anytime soon because we understand the importance of crawling, but she has to start allowing some weight on her legs to EVER stand or walk.

I think that about sums up our world here.


  1. You've been nominated for a Happy Award.

  2. cylinder - Oops! Can't spell tonight!

  3. Hello Mommy,
    I thought of something to add about the working with the kneeling. Our PT suggested and lent us a "Peak-In Roller" - I am not too sure if you can find these where you are at, it is a blow up cylendar with balls inside that she can look at, but it is meant for her to kneel down in front of, and put her arms over the round part, which ultimately is to encourage crawling through various stages. Hunter is trying to use his to do airplanes, not quite what it was designed for... But when I get the chance I will video him on it & post it so you can see it and then see if it is something Sweet Pea could use. We had to let out some air since Hunter is still kind of small. But, it does work to motivate him to bend his ever SO-STIFF-I-DON'T-DARE-BEND-MY-KNEES legs! Our PT says he puts on the breaks! Ah well, we too are working hard. The PT says you can get the Peek-In Roller at Toys R Us. The other suggestion she had was put the baby on their knees facing your lap while you sit on the couch. Put some toys in your lap so they forget they are sitting on their haunches. Give that a try if you haven't heard of that one! Also, using a narrow laundry basket for kneeling inside... Ah the list goes on!
    Good luck!