Sunday, April 11, 2010

IFSP Goals?

We have our IFSP meeting on Friday.  I really like our coordinator, but I don't like our original IFSP.  We had no idea what we were doing as it was done when Sweet Pea wasn't even 2 months old.  So for a child that wasn't even 2 months were her goals:

1) Will be able to take steps independently.  She will begin to trot/run with good balance and control.


2) Will jabber closed mouth sounds in response to play stimulus and family.  She will begin to jabber "mama" and "dada" non specific.

At one year she is doing "dada" non specific.

3) Will be able to use a neat pincer grasp and play with manipulative toys.

Still not able to do pincer.

As you can see, we need some help!  Can you share what some of your goals were from the ages of 6 mths to 18 mths?

We get PT twice a week, OT twice a week (one focuses on feeding) and Infant Stimulation once a week so our services are pretty good.  I don't know what effect the IFSP has long term, but I would like to make it a little more pertinent to where she is today and where we want her going.  All you parents that have done this before...please help!


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I went through your most recent posts and I relate to everything!!!
    We must meet! I would love for our kids to meet. Your child is SO beautiful. SO SO SO beautiful!!!!

    I have a lot of things we put in our IFSP. I literally go to the "typical milestones" and write them ALL in our IFSP. I ask my PT for handouts on typical milestones and use that as a guide. I had NO IDEA what to say at first and of course - why would I??
    This is my first child and might be our only child and so I have nothing to compare this experience with.
    If you are on facebook...look me up under Catherine Just and we can talk more that way and share e-mail that way instead of here.

  2. Max just turned a year... his last IFSP was around 9 months old, for the following 6 months (I think). We have one person come out once a month. We are supposed to have physical therapy thru early intervention once a month as well, but haven't heard from anyone. (We just started doing private PT twice a month.)

    So, our goals...
    1) sitting independantly for 10 minutes or more (He's been doing this for about 2 months now).
    2) getting into crawling (4 pt) stance (just started doing this a little).
    3) self feeding a cracker (can do this a little)

    Baby steps :)

  3. We just did our goals at Lucas's one year review. And at 18 months Lucas will (hopefully) be able to:
    1. Crawl with stomach off the floor
    2. Pull to stand
    3. Say "mama" and "dada" discriminatly
    4. Use at least two signs
    5. Eat soft table foods and drink from a straw
    6. Self feed a cheerio

    I always shoot for the stars but I think these are fairly reasonable.

  4. I would research what typical milestones are for Sweet Pea's age range. That's what we did. And our goals for Marissa, just starting out were pretty silly too. Well, we actually only had ONE goal on their because we didn't know we could work on multiple things at once. Parenting sure doesn't come with a "how to" book. LOL. :-)