Monday, June 20, 2011

Random Photos

I'm frustrated today...Sweet Pea's eye looks awful and I'm hoping that I didn't scratch it or something during one of the struggles to get the eye drops in.  She also spiked a fever this afternoon and is currently at 102.  It just feels like we can't get a break with her!  I'm even more certain that our surgery will be canceled now, but I guess I'll know in 24 hours.

And I'm not very smart because I've decided to try to get Angel to sleep through the night during this already trying time! In my favor I had made this decision before Sweet Pea got sick and now I don't want to back off. I feel like we are making progress because Angel is not needing to be fed during the night (after the twilight at 10pm), but she is still awake and crying two times a night. Last night the first wake up only took 30 minutes of awful crying and I'm hoping tonight it will be even better. The other one was at 5am and didn't go as well...can't win them all. Let's hope tonight is better since I think Sweet Pea will be needing our attention more.

With all that...I need to do a pick me up post...I think my medicine of choice will be some cute photos of our two little girls.

Happy little Angel:

Our own natural disaster:

Sweet Pea is working on climbing into the Pack N Play (her feet are up on the base and she is holding on with all her might with her arms:

Outside looking in:

Angel notices and is deciding if she should be worried:

Yummy toes!

Looks like she would rather have her privacy while chomping on her toes:

Look who's getting bigger!  Too bad she spits up EVERY time we put her in the Bumbo for a few minutes.


  1. I just read your last post too. I'm sorry that everything is happening at once especially right before her surgery date. I can see how frustrating that would be. Her little eye looks pretty bad, poor thing. I've been through the pin down medicine stuff too, not fun. I hope she starts feeling better soon and that fever goes away.

  2. oh Sweet Pea get better fast sweet one, Miss Angel is growing so much :)