Monday, June 13, 2011

Makeout Session!

I thought Sweet Pea was a little young to be meeting boys behind the bleachers at school...apparently not!  After she had finished her lunch she ran off to make out with one of her boyfriends.  She started by climbing under the table after him to give him a hug and then it got a wee bit more serious...

Full embrace kissing!

"Uh oh...looks like we were busted..."

"I don't know what you moms are looking at.  We're not doing anything...just hanging out..."

Oh boy am I going to have my hands full when we reach the teenage years if she keeps this up!  I know this is payback for my actions as a teenager...sorry about that again Mom and Dad!  :-)


  1. HA! A girl who knows what she wants. My kind of kid!
    ...for someone ELSE to have, lol... :) SO CUTE!!

  2. These pictures were some of the cutest ones I have EVER seen!Seriously.And Sweet Pea,is looking oh so grown up lately and Angel,well,is just that,ab angel!

  3. oh, i can't stop laughing. sometimes you gotta hold those handsome blonde boys in place until you're good and finished with 'em.

  4. Oh my gosh those pictures are pricless!

  5. OH MY MY!!! great catch!! I love this so stink'n cute! I love Sweet Peas face so sweet! smiles

  6. I love it! I showed these pics to my hubs too and we both just cracked up. I love the last pic, she's so pouty since you broke it up!