Monday, May 23, 2011

Catch Up: Aquarium Visit

The last weekend in April we went to a local aquarium.  Sweet Pea enjoyed it much more than she did a few months ago and I can see her enjoyment growing over the coming year.  Auntie R gave Sweet Pea a family membership there for her birthday so we will be going a lot!  This first trip we were lucky to have Auntie R and Uncle R join us too!

The very first tank...she wasn't sure what was happening...

We carried her a little, but left the stroller in the car so that she had to walk most of the time.  She did great!

I think she wanted to catch the fish

I like her reflection in this one

She loved the name plates and would look at each and every one

Family photo time!  (I love the matching dresses)

Mommy and her little girls

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