Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm calling it officially...We have a walker! 

And she walks with shoes on her hands too!  Yes, you heard me right...we have a walker!  Sweet Pea has decided that it's time to start walking instead of crawling!  We couldn't be prouder!  She is carrying stuff all over the house and loving her new found freedom and ease of moving.  Her endurance is building quickly and we are going to keep working hard on it, but she is doing amazing and I'm on cloud nine.

Sweet Pea wants to thank the following people:
1) Cousin O - You have been helping me walk for months and you make me so happy every time!

2) Auntie J - You may be called "Mean Auntie J", but I know you are really a softie underneath it all.  You help push me and keep me from taking the easy way out and for that I thank you...even if I continue to choose to poop on you for it!  (Backstory - Sweet Pea has a long history of pooping anytime Auntie J is around and sometimes it has literally been ON her!)

3) Grandma - You have been helping me work on walking for a LONG time and I've loved all our time together.  Thank you for always taking me when I'm sick and not at my best!!!!  I love my Grandma cuddles though!

4) My good friend John - This is my mom's friend's child and every time I get together with him I seem to learn something knew.  Yesterday you got me to believe in myself!  I do have to say that part of the reason was that I decided I better walk to protect myself from getting run over by you too much.  You are all boy and I love you for it!

5) Everyone else...therapists, daycare friends and teachers, blog friends, everyone - You have given me so much encouragement and love!


  1. Hooray!!! Great job, Sweet Pea! So funny about the shoes on her hands. LOL When Samantha was learning to walk, she did so much better when she was holding something in each hand, like a ball, a cup, whatever. For some reason I guess it helped her to concentrate. Sweet Pea looks so (rightfully!) proud of herself - beautiful!

  2. so awesome!! brought me to HAPPY tears...so proud of you all! it truly takes everyone helping...smiles

  3. I love how they gain so much confidence once they start walking. Now she can conquer the world!

  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's AWESOME!!!! And so EXCITING!!!! Congrats Sweet Pea! We love you, miss you, and can't wait to see you walking in person!!!