Saturday, March 26, 2011

Angel's 2 Month Birthday

I can not believe that Angel is already 2 months old.  Time is certainly flying by!  She continues to amaze me every day!

My favorite things:
* Smiles - Cutest little smiles ever!  I have to try to get it on camera.  She has a tiny little dimple on her right side, but it is lower than you would expect which makes it even cuter!

* Coos - I didn't ever really think about it, but Sweet Pea never cooed.  Angel makes very sweet sounds!

I love watching babies sleep!

Look at this neck strength!

I love this look:

Playing on her activity mat:

She can even wink...Mommy can't!

Birthday girl:


  1. Angel is so adorable!! I haven't had much of a chance to READ blogs lately which always frustrates's one of my favorite things to do!! Hope you guys are all doing well!

  2. Happy 2 months!! she is so pretty! enjoy some cake! smiles