Saturday, March 26, 2011

Poor Sick Sweet Pea

This is what Sweet Pea looked like last night...she was sick all day today and we are hoping for a healthier girl tomorrow for her birthday party!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Even though she was sick she decided to show me a new skill today (video here)...

The ending has the start of her sick cry.  She is an unhappy girl when she is sick and who can blame her?


  1. Trouble!!! :)
    (you know you can turn those handles upside down so you have to push up to open!)

  2. Awww, poor sweat pea!! I hope you feel better soon, but I think your mommy is in trouble if you can do THAT skill!! Colin loves shutting doors right now, but since he isn't standing yet, hasn't figured out opening the door. This is good for me because I need to shut Kailey's door since he just LOVES to empty her bottom drawer which contains tons of KNOW how much fun it is to fold those a million times!

  3. oh poor birthday girl!! I thought she is feeling better!! you all are in trouble with her opening doors!! there is a whole she is waiting to explore!! have a wonderful day!! smiles

  4. So sorry you aren't feeling well, hope today is a better day! Good trick!

  5. What a way to hide and sleep when you are sick! Get better soon girly!

  6. Well,I came by the other day and got interrupted and didn't leave a comment.Came back hoping to find an update on Sweet Pea and thinking optimistically that no post equals,healthy girl,happy party.Hope I am right.

    The door opening is awesome.Will keep you on your toes but for me,since it so out of the realm of our world,I think it is fantastic!!