Friday, June 11, 2010


Friday's are a great day because I know that I have a fun weekend coming up and get to spend a lot of time with my little princess. It's the anticipation, the excitement and the celebration of the end to a long work week and the unknown of the weekend ahead.

Sweet Pea was happy that it was Friday too!  This morning she was so happy that she even let me practice crawling up on all fours with her!  This is an exercise that our new PT taught me earlier this week.  I hold her belly with one hand and with the other hand I move one of her arms forward.  Then I switch hands and move her alternate leg forward and then the arm on that same side.  Then switch arms again and repeat.  When our PT did this with Sweet Pea on Tuesday, little missy was not happy about it, but she did it.  When our PT showed me on Wednesday how to do it, Sweet Pea was still mad about it, but again she did it.  Imagine my surprise when I tried it this morning and she didn't even protest a little bit!  She even moved her own arms and legs forward a little!!!!!  I didn't get any video as I only have two hands, but I will try to get some this weekend to show you the miracle...if it repeats.

Here is another great video that CBS did on the wonderful local ballet class for children with DS here in Los Angeles.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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