Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson Presentation

Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson re-taped a speech she gave at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and posted it online for all to view.  I believe that this can be a great link to share with your OT or SLP to get them on-board with Sara's programs.  It is a large file so give it time to download, but if you are interested in Oral Placement Therapy and Sara's techniques, I highly recommend it.  FYI - The playback would stop on me when it had run out of downloaded/spooled material and I would have to wait until more spooled up before I hit the play button again.

Also, here is an article that she recommended I provide to our SLP.

I really hope that our SLP will be receptive to watching and reading these!

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  1. I saw this earlier today! Haven't yet watched the video but I did print out the handouts. Definitely will be sharing this with our ST. Thanks for the info regarding the download....I will keep that in mind!