Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sweet Pea seems to develop in spurts...nothing seems to happen for a while and then whammo...a whole bunch of new skills. Let's see if I can capture of few of these new skills to share with you all.

Playing with her bear and other stuffed animals. Every little one in our family has one of these bears as do most of the little ones in this town! A very special lady makes them with a matching blanket and Sweet Pea's youngest cousin has taught us a thing or two about just how loved these bears can be! "BBBeeaaaarr"

She also has learned to army crawl much farther distance. Here are a couple of video clips of her going across the living room yesterday. I was thrilled with this because she had never gone all the way across before. However, this morning near the end of infant stimulation I used the most expensive toy (extreme sarcasm) as a motivator...printer paper! I actually got her to crawl all the way across the living room, down the short hallway around the corner and to the edge of the kitchen. She put one hand on the cold tile and started protesting. It seemed like she would keep crawling so I jumped over her and she turned around and retraced all her steps back to the living room. I was thrilled that she had let me mess with her for so long so I finally let her play with the paper. Proud Mommy!!!!! I know I'm going to regret teaching her that she can leave the living room, but it will be good for her in the long run. Now I need to start working with her on the tile a little bit. Although, maybe it is good since there is one step down from the kitchen that could cause us problems with her...hmmm...decisions.

Sweet Pea also decided to show me up today by very nicely placing toys into the bucket after I told the infant stimulation teacher that she was still pretty spastic in throwing the toys into the bucket most of the time. That's my girl!

And finally, her babbling has just taken off! She still doesn't say anything that we can understand and the sounds themselves aren't expanding that much, but the amount of time that she spends babbling is really expanding.

Daddy & I love you Sweet Pea!!!!!


  1. Yeah Sweet Pea, we love a girl on the move! Go, go, go!

  2. love her army crawl! and her chewing on her teddy. What a cool bear! M still whips her toys EVERYWHERE! We're gonna start wearing helmets around here before too long. lol

  3. Way to go Sweet Pea!!!!! She's really getting speedy!

  4. Nice job with the army crawl. I love her squeal at the end when you ask whose the cutest little girl...