Monday, June 7, 2010


I love to celebrate anything...birthdays, accomplishments, the end of the week...anything!  This past weekend we did all of that!  I don't have copies of most of the good photos yet, but will try to get my hands on them later this week.

We headed up to our local mountains for a relaxing and fun weekend with family and friends.  The only downside of the weekend is that when we are up in the mountains we have to share a room with Sweet Pea.  The issue with that is that she isn't the quietest sleeper.  She cries out and moans in her sleep a lot!  She doesn't normally actually wake up, but when you are in the room with her, you wake up!  And in the morning she thinks that 5:30am is when she should start to wake up, but she doesn't just wake up.  Oh no, she fights it and whines and half sleeps for 30 minutes.  Oh well, being up there with the fresh air and beauty is well worth it.

As I mentioned on Friday, we were going to be celebrating Papa Bear's (Sweet Pea's great-grandpa) 90th birthday.  Mama Bear had fooled him by only telling him that it was his family getting together where it was really about 50 people when it was all said and done.  It was great and I think he really enjoyed it.  Sweet Pea was in a fussy mood for a good piece of Saturday with a slight fever that we assume was related to teething.  She fell in love with one of my mom's college girlfriends though and seriously lounged on her for 2 hours!  Since Sweet Pea wouldn't sit still or be content anywhere, this was insane!  Thank you Mrs. M for your magic touch!!!!!

By the time Sunday rolled around Sweet Pea was in a much better mood and her fever was basically gone.  She was energetic and did a few things that I loved:

First, she got up on all fours over and over and over again!  She hadn't done it more than a few times since the video we posted a couple of weeks ago.  I assumed that was because she got sick right after that, but this past week I had hoped to see it more, but I hadn't.  Until Sunday!  She did it over 20 times that day!  Nice job Sweet Pea!!!!

It was my morning to get Sweet Pea on Sunday so when she woke up at 5:30 with her whining I took her out of the bedroom so Daddy could sleep.  She then slept on me in the living room until just about 7am.  The instant she woke up, she heard her cousins behind her who had been playing very quietly on the floor for over 30 minutes which is amazing since they are 3 & 5!  She popped up on her arms and spun around and gave those adorable cousins the biggest smile!  For a little girl that normally wakes up a little slowly, there was no delay at all this time!  She was ready to "play" with them immediately!  Those three kids are just too cute for words.

The other big item of note was that she was sitting on my leg and pushed to stand a few different times without me trying to get her to do it.  The first time I was in shock that she was even trying it!  I used my arms to stabilize her as she doesn't have the balance, but she was doing great!  She would groan and cry out as she was doing it, but she was doing it of her own volition!  When she would get up there she would clap and have the largest smile on her face!  I think she was trying to show off for her cousins and I loved it!!!

It's supposed to be a pretty boring week here.  Absolutely no doctor appointments and nothing else scheduled outside of the typical therapy.  Let's hope it stays as boring as it is supposed to be!!!!


  1. Im all for boring, lol. Looks like a great weekend

  2. Way to go Sweet Pea!! Up on all 4's and attempting to stand on your own?! I think you should get away more often:) Cousins are such motivation! Hooray for you!!!

  3. whew, what a fantastic week! Sounds like you might need boring this week though. :-)