Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Day of Soccer!

Sweet Pea had her firsts soccer game today.  She is playing in the youngest group of kids that are 4-5 years old.  They don't have set teams and call it Jamboree.  The first 30 minutes is for skills practice and the last 30 minutes is for scrimmages.  It is very cute to watch and Sweet Pea did a lot better than I expected.  She didn't participate in the scrimmage at all, but maybe next week she will.

Enjoy the overload of photos...

Getting ready to hit the field:
She is running and excited!  (almost dead center #4)
 The last one to huddle up, but making her way there...
Oh wait...maybe not...
Daddy, "Go back to the group" and Sweet Pea "No"
Everyone lined up:
Dribbling practice:
Trying to keep up with the group (coach is looking at her to his left)
She wanted to practice putting her foot on top of the ball, but needs help balancing to do that skill:
Angel wanted to be on the field too so she wasn't so happy:
There is room for improvement, but we survived the first day.  Think good thoughts next Saturday!

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