Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School

Angel and Sweet Pea both celebrated their first day of school today!  Maybe Mommy celebrated it most of all!  We had fun this summer, but I am sure glad that Sweet Pea is back in school full time and very excited that Angel starts going to school twice a week now too!


Angel's school doesn't have specific drop off/pick up times so we had a little flexibility so I decided to drop her off first.  The walk from the parking lot to the school was great!

She was a big girl carrying her own backpack and lunchbox.

And once we crossed the threshold into the school it went downhill.  No pictures as I was focused on trying to calm her down.  I ended up leaving while she was still crying, but I knew she would be fine.  I only received one call from the school and we gave in and brought her favorite blanket for nap time.  I had hoped we wouldn't be bringing the blanket to school, but it doesn't look like it is a battle worth fighting.  She was more than ready to leave when I picked her up this afternoon, but I know she will enjoy the school once she gets used to it.

After Angel was squared away I took Sweet Pea to her school.  She was supposed to carry her backpack and lunch bag, but I only succeeded with her carrying her backpack.  It's a step in the right direction and walking down the steps might be scary if she is holding her heavy lunch bag too.

Showing off her last grape that Grandma gave her to other families.  She was savoring that grape and excited to tell anyone about it that would listen.

We were able to borrow a sign a friend had made.  I'm not the crafty mom, but I love that others are!

When the door had been opened she was ready to go inside.  I wanted to get a picture of her in front of this cute welcome apple on the door, but she just starting yelling "come on" and waving me into the room.  Parents were laughing as many other kids wanted nothing to do with the new classroom.  I was very happy that I had at least one daughter that was excited for school!

Sweet Pea is in a class that goes from 9am until 2pm, but we are currently pulling her at 12:30pm.  Our plan is to stretch the time she is there and hopefully have her attending until 2pm relatively soon.  Time will tell if this plan works out, but if today is any indication, I think she can handle it.  She was NOT ready for a nap when I tried to put her down at 1:30pm.  Fingers crossed!

Let's hope that this is a great year for both girls!

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