Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweet Pea's Actual Birthday

I am way behind on Sweet Pea's 2nd birthday posts...we had a party on the Sunday before her birthday, a park day on her actual birthday and then a get together at my family's house on the day after.  Here are photos from her actual birthday...

Grandmother from PA getting to watch Baby Signing Time with Sweet Pea

Birthday cupcake at 9am after PT!  Red velvet none the less!

Daddy, Grandmother and Uncle M from PA at a local park

Birthday serenade lakeside (okay...pondside, but it sounded fancier)

Daddy and his little girl

Uncle M and her favorite park activity...swings

Sweet Pea's in heaven...swings and music!


  1. Love the pic of her in the swing with everyone standing around, including her uncle with the guitar! What a lucky girl!!! Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!