Monday, April 18, 2011

Egg Hunt

Sweet Pea and Mommy went to an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday that was sponsored by her center based therapy program.  Mommy was really hoping that Sweet Pea would be successful at this egg hunt as she is pretty certain that she will have a harder time at our community one next week.  Mommy's hopes were answered!  She did great even though she didn't like the grass...the uneven grass...with lots of twigs too.  This new walker did not think this was very fair especially in her new shoes!  And she clearly did not want any of her tricks documented as every time I turned on the video she would start crying.  This is the best clip I was able to get and you can see how unsuccessful it was!  (Check out her sound for "more")

Still photos were probably the way to go since she was in a feisty mood...

Here she is before the hunt started:

This is as close to the Easter Bunny that she was willing to get:

And Sweet Pea showing off her loot after we quit:

All in all it was very successful and we will see how she does at our community egg hunt next weekend. It's a very chaotic event with overly involved parents normally so we will see...


  1. Happy Easter! I love Sweet Pea's dress...looks like a fabulous day! smiles

  2. She looks so absolutely precious there,sitting proud with her loot!She is getting so big and the walking,I am amazed.A whole big and beautiful world ready for her to take on!