Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why is she sick again?!?!?!

I can not believe that Sweet Pea is sick again! It is almost never ending with her! Now she has just a regular "summer bug" as the pediatrician called it, but it's a doozy. Her throat is red and agitated so she isn't eating or drinking much, vomiting at times, loads of fun diarrhea that doesn't even stay in the diapers, won't sleep well, wants to be held almost nonstop and can't be at daycare or around other kiddos as she is still contagious. I had great plans of taking her today to our great community little kid pool that is heated so she actually enjoys it! Maybe trying to get a playdate together? Ha! Not going to happen now!

And I had hopes of her reaching 20 lbs in the next couple of weeks. She weighed in at 19lbs 12oz fully clothed on Friday and I'm sure that she is losing by the hour since she isn't eating or drinking.

The doctor also gave us Good Start Soy Plus (baby formula) to try instead of the Silk. The reason for the do I say this little girl has gas that will clear an auditorium of college frat boys. I mean, it's awful! It's hard to imagine that such a smell can come out of something so cute and small! But there is no mistaking it, she is doing it! The doctor thinks that it could be that her body isn't quite ready to handle the soy protein and I guess this formula has it already slightly broken down. The hope is that a few months of this and then she will be ready for the Silk again. We were enjoying the ease of not having to measure out formula and then add the Simply Thick, but I can't let my little princess keep tooting such foul toots!

And finally, I'll be lucky if I get more than 3 hours of straight sleep at this rate. I'm a very lucky wife because my hubby gets up with her most of the time at night, but I still hear him get up (funny that I often don't hear her crying but I hear him getting out of bed or opening the door to the bedroom to leave). I think tonight will be my night with Sweet Pea though so think positive sleeping thoughts for Sweet Pea and Mommy! :-)


  1. Oh no, Sweet Pea....sick again?! I hope you get rid of that terrible little "summer bug" soon and that you are back to your bubbly little self!! And I hope mommy gets some sleep too!! As if it weren't bad enough that our little kiddos have to battle the "winter bug".........NOW the "summer bug" too??!!

    Frankly, I just wish these little winter/summer bugs....WOULD.JUST.BUG.OFF!!! lol

    Positive sleeping thoughts heading your way:)

  2. im so sorry to hear that, praying she is well soon and you can get some needed sleep

  3. Oh, feel better Sweet Pea! Sorry, mama, hope you get some sleep soon.

  4. I am bummed to hear that Sweet Pea is not feeling well...hug-a-bles and smiles

  5. I hope you are able to get some sleep! It is so hard to focus on their weight and then they get sick, and BAM you are backwards again. I hope she kicks this bug to the curb quickly.

    And I have to admit I laughed out loud when you mentioned her toots. :) We constantly say to my Peanut "How can someone so CUTE make something so STINKY!" LOL

  6. Oh no! A sick baby girl is NO FUN!!!! I'm thinking good healthy thoughts for you all. hang in there.

  7. I hope she's feeling better!