Sunday, July 25, 2010

She is moving!

Sweet Pea has finally decided that it is worth the energy to find mommy instead of just sitting in the other room and fussing!  Yippee!!!!  I know we will regret being so excited about this some day, but for today, it is a very good thing!  Saturday morning she followed my voice (with me peeking around the corner at her to give her extra motivation) from the living room into the far end of the kitchen.  She then repeated it a couple of hours later and I attempted to capture it on video.  I apologize up front for the extremely unsteady camera work.  I was trying to crawl backwards myself.

Her other big news that I don't have any pictures of is that she is pulling to stand a lot now and even did it in the tub today all by herself.  She is still very stiff legged when she is standing and leans on anything and everything that she can, but she is wanting to put weight on her legs!  Another yippee!  She often pulls up using my arms as her brace, but she is starting to try standing on more and more things.  She won't do ANY of this for her PT, but as long as she does it for us I am alright.  I think the PT is starting to take it personally though.

Our local Down syndrome group had a play date at the beach today.  It was a lot of fun and Sweet Pea enjoyed playing in the sand.  I only took a couple pictures, but here they are along with a few other photos that we have taken recently.

Sweet Pea with Woody at a local market:

My Aunt was in town and this is the only photo I took the entire time of the two of them!!! I don't know how that happened, but I know that Sweet Pea loves her and vice versa:


One of her many boyfriends:

Do you like my huge hat?


  1. Yay for crawling!!!!! And yay for clean floors - I am seriously impressed. Cleaning is not my strong point :)

  2. just simply adorable. perfection at its best!

  3. That pic of Sweet Pea in the hat made me smile. So cute. ;)

  4. She looks great! I love the hat pic.

    Congrats again! Love you guys!!!

  5. How sweet she is! :) Way to go Sweet Pea on all the new developments! It's funny, my Peanut knows how to crawl. She can crawl to toys or away from the dog. But if I am in the other room and she wants me, she just sits there and cries Mamamamama. Silly girl won't crawl around the corner and find me! (Of course, I shouldn't complain because it means I haven't had to childproof, LOL)

  6. Oh that hat is the greatest. And I have to say that Woody was a little creepy! But look at that girl go, wahoo!!

  7. Oh my what a cutie she is! Yay for army crawling, she's really fast! Looks like you all had a great time at the beach.

  8. Oh I just love that video!!!! She's so darn sweet. And when she bangs here head - that pouty lip! Reminds me of Chloe. But what a trouper, she just keeps on going! And the pics of the beach are great. Looks like a beautiful beach! Love the one with the hat. What a cute face!