Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

We had quite a day today!  PT then OT then naps then swimming then park then dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house with my Aunt N from back east!  And it was Grandpa's birthday to top it off!  (I'm sorry Dad, but I had to throw that in there...I love you!)  It's days like this that I know why it is 10:30pm and I've hardly gotten anything accomplished!  Oh well...it's all very much worth it. 

I was daring today and decided to try to have Sweet Pea walk to the park.  I don't know why considering she had PT, OT and swimming already, but I did and you know what?  She did pretty darn good!  She walked all the way there without sitting down except for when she tripped a couple of time, but each of those times she got right back up with very little fussing.  The way home wasn't nearly as smooth (or maybe quiet would be a better word), but she made it and that is what matters.

When we were leaving the house she was pushing her baby stroller so I thought I'd try to have her push that to the park.  I thought it might distract her from the actual walk.  Wrong!  She did really well until she reached our neighbors house.  I decided to bail on that idea and ran the stroller back home really quick.  It was cute while it lasted though!

Sweet Pea surprised me at the park when she decided completely on her own that she would walk up the stairs that lead to the slide!  Every other time we have been to this park she has just crawled up them and we haven't ever even tried to have her walk up them.  I couldn't believe it when I saw her do it!  And then she did it every single time she went up those stairs.  I am so proud of her!  Here is a quick video:

While we got dinner ready Cousin O was reading to Sweet Pea.  He is going into first grade and has become quite the reader.  It's great to listen to him and Sweet Pea loves being read to so it's a great pairing.

Shortly after the reading session Cousin O and Cousin C were entertaining both of our girls.  It was too cute to listen to the giggles that were coming from both of my girls.  It's clear that they are both smitten with their cousins!  Here is a quick video that captures just a tiny piece of the joy that was occurring:

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  1. Wow - that stair climbing is impressive! And I can't believe she's finally propelling herself down the slide. Big girl!