Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big Weekend Ahead

This is going to be a busy weekend for us.  I'm not sure I'm ready for it...actually...I am positive that I'm not!

Friday night I will take Sweet Pea to the hospital for a sleep study that starts at 9pm.  They told me to not have her nap that day and have her still be awake when we arrive!  Ha ha ha!  This girl doesn't go without her nap and since the hospital is 45 minutes away, if we keep her up until 8pm she will be crashed out 5 minutes into the drive!  Oh well, we will do the best we can.  It will be interesting to see how this goes.  We are supposed to be done at 5am, but if she is still asleep then they won't wake her up.  I'll be "sleeping" right next to her in a chair of some sort so that will be interesting in and of itself!

Saturday morning I have to be at an IEP training 45 minutes from home...the opposite direction of the hospital by 9am.  The training is at least 6 hours long and from what I hear there is a ton of information covered.  It will be the first complete IEP training that I've attended.

The topper on the weekend, in every aspect, is that we get to go with Sweet Pea's favorite cousins (and their mom and dad too, but seriously, they don't rate in Sweet Pea's eyes compared to the boys) to Disneyland on Sunday!!!!  This will be her first trip to Disneyland and I am extremely excited!  I hope that she enjoys it as much as I'm envisioning.  For those of you that have been there with a little one...what advice do you have?

Sounds like an insane weekend to me!  I am exhausted before it even starts so we will see how I am by the end of it.  Hopefully I will be able to get a little sleep tonight as this insomnia that has been plaguing me is really getting annoying.

To give you something besides my narrative of what is to come this are some videos and a picture from this past weekend.  We took Sweet Pea to the park before it started raining.  This was the first time that we had her actually walk to the park!  The park is only about 2 blocks away, but we have always thrown her in the stroller when we go.  I'm trying to have her walk more and so I thought this was a good idea and luckily I wasn't completely wrong.  She walked a little over half the way and then Daddy carried her until we were basically there.  The Juppy really is helpful!  She tends to lean forward more than she should when she is in it, but we don't use it too often so I think as with so many other things...moderation is the key.

Here she is walking to the park.  She had gone almost a block at this point.

Here is a video of her walking into the park:

She is now climbing the steep ladder without hardly any assistance.  Daddy is there for safety more than anything.  Enjoy this video clip:

And finally some video of her sliding down by herself.  I never get enough of her giggles!


  1. Man, she is really good in the Juppy. We just started using ours (I lent it to a neighbor for a few months), and Max only lasts a couple minutes.
    Disneyland - remember there is a "parent exchange" (can't remember the name). If one parent has to stay with the little one who isn't big enough to go on a ride, you can 'child swap' (maybe that's what it is called). Ask the employee to give you a ticket and then the other parent doesn't have to wait in line, they just go to the front. (ask someone for details when you get there!)

  2. I love her little hair clip, and her Penguins jacket is AWESOME!

  3. Makes my weekend plans of "doing laundry" & "cleaning" sound rather mundane...LOL. Good luck with everything, esp. the sleep study. Can't wait to see the Disneyland pics! :)

  4. It does sound like a crazy and hectic weekend. I hope all goes well with the sleep study. And have fun at Disney Land! Cute videos!

  5. That is a busy weekend! Good luck sleeping at that sleep study! I made daddy go last time, ha ha! That jumpy is soo cool. Can you buy them or is it a special needs thing my home care company could get?