Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas

We have been very busy enjoying the Christmas season and here are a few pictures to share with you all.

Sweet Pea's preschools holiday breakfast:

Santa came to visit
Their friend L did face/hand paintings

Angel made snowman & reindeer donuts and enjoyed the frosting the best

The kids sang a few holiday songs
Angel's preschool did a holiday concert as well.  We were fairly positive that Angel would not sing or even go on stage, but she did!  Cookie bribe apparently worked!  She sang most of the songs and looked pretty happy doing it.  Here is a video clip of one song.  She is sitting on the ground, the third row back so it is hard to see her:

This is at the end of the performance

Angel being cute while dressed up

We have enjoyed Candy Cane Lane:

"I'm scared of the Grinch"
The irony is that Angel is the Grinch!

Sweet Pea enjoyed visiting with Santa again...Angel, not so much

Sweet Pea's favorite mode of transportation

This was the activity of the night...
In a variety of forms...

Enjoying the trains

Waiting for Santa...she loved this Magnolia pod

One of Angel's preferred modes of transportation

 Tonight they even sold hot cocoa to Candy Cane Lane visitors.  They made $18 in 10 minutes!  Do these kids have a sales career in their future?

We've done a few other things, but photos either weren't taken or can't be found. :-)

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