Tuesday, March 20, 2012

IEP Part 2

I forgot to mention a few other things in my last post.

First, I don't put a lot of weight on this, but it still makes me very happy and we will just see what comes of it...Sweet Pea did not qualify under Intellectual Disability (ID).  Her cognitive testing scored too high because she has splinter skills.  She can't do all the base level skills, but she can do some that at her age level.  The district was surprised that she didn't qualify under ID and had to research what to put her under because they knew that she still qualified.  After speaking with a few other districts and people they landed on "Medically Established Condition".  It is my understanding that this is an option until age 5 or so and at that time they would have to do the testing all over again to see if she was now ID or if they would have to put her under Speech & Language Disorder.  It was explained that she would still receive all the same services if they put her under S&L Disorder, but that seems a little odd to me, but it could very well be true.  We will cross that bridge when we get there.  It was wonderful to know that at this point she wasn't qualifying under ID and we will see what the future brings.  I personally like this because I think that people will have higher expectations for her without the ID label.  I know that it shouldn't be that way, but...

Second...I created two video slideshows at the very last minute because I hadn't prepared a nice document that went over our goals and aspirations for Sweet Pea so I thought a real brief slideshow would be better than nothing.  Here is the video:

And finally...this is a video slideshow that I created to help lighten the mood if indeed we were going to have to fight for Sweet Pea to get into the afternoon class.  I figured that we would all be tired by the end of the meeting when it was going to come up so this would help break up the monotony of the meeting and hopefully make the team smile...in addition to seeing why she needed to be in the AM class.  Enjoy the video here:

I've picked up the IEP from the district and now I have to read it over with a fine tooth comb to make sure it accurately reflects what we agreed upon yesterday.  Fun times!


  1. So glad everything went so well for you guys. It sounds like she will be well taken care of in school. We start mid April, can't wait!

  2. Ella didn't qualify for any cognitive services going into preschool either. I will say, just as an FYI just in case, that our school district does re-evals every 3 years and we had a little fight last year because I wanted her to remain in preschool another year. They were fighting with me saying that cognitively she was age appropriate but I knew that she wasn't. When I demanded a re-eval she was actually quite behind cognitively. Apparently the second you turn 3 much more is expected of you cognitively. I totally regret that Ella missed 2 years of receiving teaching by a special ed teacher. Ella does still have some scattered skills, knowing things much beyond her age but then not getting somethings that are at her agelevel and even below.

  3. Brooke just turned 2 in January and Early Steps is already preparing me to for the transition into school....I can't believe it...
    and that's so great the SP is doing so fantastic!