Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Halloween

2nd Place Winner in Costume Contest!!!!

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  1. SO cute!

    BTW, we "sort of" are doing the Learning Program. I had been doing flashcards with Sheridan and he had about 2 dozen sight words, so at the NDSC conference I went in on the Learning Program with two other local moms and we divided up the materials. We're skipping the first few steps for most of the materials (e.g., Sheridan already knows what a gorilla is) and it's going ok. He's not as interested in these materials as he is in other materials. But they are fine. And love that they are available for free (we bought the full set because they were already assembled, laminated, etc. and knew we'd never take the time to do it ourselves LOL). So, I'm not seeing a huge advantage to the program, partly because some steps are too easy for S at this point, but also because he's not overly interested in them right now. He prefers to do flashcards and play other types of matching games. So I just keep bringing the materials out occasionally and when he does show interest, they seem to work just fine.