Monday, September 19, 2011

Angel is Crawling!

I find myself constantly just staring in awe at Angel as she tries to make her body do something.  You can see the determination in her face and the purposeful movements that follow.  Her body doesn't always cooperate, but she is trying!  I love spying on her when she doesn't know I'm there and just watching her every move.  It's bitter sweet to watch things come so easily for her since we had to work so hard to get to each of these steps with Sweet Pea, but it also is amazing and wonderful.  I know that I wouldn't have appreciated how easily Angel does things if I didn't have Sweet Pea.  However, I also know that I cherish every single one of Sweet Pea's accomplishments just as much, if not more, because of how hard she works for them.

The latest achievement for our little wonder child is that she is officially a crawler!  It was 17 days ago that Angel got up on all fours for the very first time.  15 days ago that she did a little rocking on all fours.  7 days ago that she was purposefully moving her arms in an adorable wax on wax off kind of motion while on all fours.  (Seriously, this was the cutest thing to watch...the intensity in her eyes, the way she watched her arms and tried to get them to move forward and the way that she would alternate arms...just precious!)  4 days ago she was trying one full crawl motion.  Today she is actually crawling!  She still has a bit of work to do before she masters the art of crawling, but I'm sure that won't take her long at all.  She is going to love being able to get where she wants to go.  Seeing as she wants to be everywhere that I am, I think that means I will have her at my heels a lot so I better be careful when I walk!

Here are some videos of her in action...I love how her feet are crossed as she crawls in this one:

In this one I love how you can hear the force of her arms hitting the ground:


  1. what a ROCKSTAR!! Angel is doing amazing!! love the determination...looks like the pup is very protective of her!! love the videos...smiles

  2. Kodi the attention hog, as per usual. And Angel's just crawling "with authority," the way Sweet Pea throws things. Clearly, she's been taking lessons from Sweet Pea while they all secretly work out at night with Kodi.

  3. Could those eyes be any bluer??? And a crawler ... my gosh, didn't we JUST see you pregnant at the Buddy Walk? Where does the time go??

    I am sorry i have been beyond crappy at commenting. But I do read, but seems like I go to post a comment and life distracts me.

    Thanks for the comment on mine though ... those pictures of Z just kill me!!

    Wow on the crawling and wow on the potty training ... just keep it up, be as consistent as you can and keep a potty chair in the car. Zoey has been at it for 1 1/2 but since she is non verbal and non ambulatory, it is tough. I know if she walked, she would be potty trained. Still hoping for one day.
    And another wow on bubble blowing and a huge wow on those gorgeous pictures in the hallway... just beautiful and framable as well.

    Okay, take care and love on that Sweet Pea and Angel and maybe we will see each other soon!